Is there such a thing as the Angelina Jolie guide to great sex? I am not sure about that, but many men think that Angelina is hot. Recently at London escorts, we have been asked to provide many fantasy dates, and it seems that our Angelina is one of the hottest girls that gentlemen like to date. To me, and many of the other girls at London escorts, Angelina comes across as a bit of a madame, and I do wonder if she is such a dream come true after all.

Of course, Angelina Jolie is not the only hot girl that gents would like to date. The other day, I met a new man at London escorts. He said that he wanted to enjoy a fantasy date with me on our second date. As usual, it is aid that I was only too happy to help. But, I will admit that I was a bit taken back when he asked me to dress up as someone called Jessica Rabbit. I am sure, along with most other girls at London escorts from, I think of the Rabbit as a vibrator. Having looked Jessica Rabbit up, I am sure that I can pull that off. Just have to get some bunny ears.

I have asked if I would dress up as a Madonna. She still has a bit of an appeal to some gents. It is all about getting that Like a Virgin look right. I have been studying her, and I am sure that I can put on that lacy little skirt of hers. The only thing that I can’t fit into London escorts boudoir is that Venetian Gondola, so I hope that he does not expect that at all. Madonna with a gondola would undoubtedly have been a first for London escorts.

What else, I asked? One of my favorite characters that I get asked for a lot at London escorts is Miss Piggy. It is not that unusual for a man who wants to meet up with Miss Piggy. That would mean that he would need to be my Kermit. I am not sure what gentlemen think is so special about Miss Piggy, but she seems to be a trendy lady. It must be something about the voice and that long blond hair that makes her seem like a real girl to some men.

Well, you are not going to catch me doing any of the stunts from the Tomb Raider movie franchise. I think that so many gents like to date Angelina because she seems to be in control all of the time. I can imagine Angelina is a dominatrix or something like that. If she ever runs out of movie roles, I would be more than happy for her to work at our London escorts service. I am sure that she has a few tricks of the trade that she could teach us, and we could always catch up on the latest Hollywood gossip at the same time.

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