We all know what to expect after hooking up with an escort. A man needs regular sexual attention and approaching the escort services would be an ideal option. A man achieves an orgasm when he ejaculates and releases semen. Climaxing and ejaculating signifies pleasure and sexual satisfaction. Having raw intercourse with a lady friend normally results in ejaculating inside the vagina in most cases. However, having sex with an escort gives a lot of men the freedom to play dirty and ejaculate in various places, depending on their taste and desire. Adult escort services are obtained for a fee which gives men the liberty to explore further and achieve heightened pleasure cumming in different places of the escort’s body.

Most of the escorts prefer having men cum outside on other parts of the body. It would be unlikely to meet an escort who wants everything landing inside their vagina since they work with more than one client in a day. Cum is known to be slimy, and it reduces the friction, which ultimately reduces the sensation. It would be careless for an escort to offer their services with a cum shot inside their pussies. It would be difficult to retain a client when an escort shows up with an already messed up pussy. The ultimate decision to cum lies with the man, and an escort can only direct and offer other parts to have the cum splashed.

It would be wise to talk about ejaculation preferences before the act to avoid invading other people’s consent. Men have different ejaculation habits and personal desires when they obtain escort services. It would be important to express the desires right before you get naked. Escorts would prefer having a cum shot in different areas with most of them avoiding inside the vagina.

Below are some of the areas escorts prefer having cumshots:

The pearl necklace

Some escorts would prefer having the cum around the neck area for varied reasons. One of the main reasons why some prefer the neck region is because it’s much easier to wipe it off. Another reason is that some can’t stand having it on their faces and belly buttons.

The stomach

Others prefer the groin or stomach region since it’s much more comfortable for the men to withdraw. Due to the nature of the cum, some of the escorts prefer not to look at the mess and it’s much easier to wipe it off.

Knock it back

It is one of the daring forms of ejaculation for escorts who consider themselves as swallowers. Before ejaculating, some escorts like to finish off the job by sucking the tip up to when the ejaculation occurs. Some are comfortable swallowing cum.


Other escorts prefer having a facial cumshot rather than swallowing it. Some encourage their clients to cum all over their face for enhanced satisfaction.


During doggy style upon request from the escort to withdraw some prefer having cum on their booty. It is a challenge every escort ought to accept since it’s not disgusting and it’s convenient for the doggy style.

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Places That Escorts Want You To Cum

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